Investors Corner

SI-IMMO.CH manages a pool of investors with very specific requirements. For these and also new investors we permanently look for available building land and development properties. If such an opportunity is found,  we carry out an intensive due diligence and concretize opportunities and obstacles.

Only when the project seems sufficiently promising do we propose the opportunity to the investors. If an investor or a group of investors is interested, we enter into purchase negotiations together. From this point on, we see ourselves as the link between the investors and the construction project with its participants. We accompany the building project, manage its realisation in financial and planning terms and represent the investors’ concerns to the parties involved in all phases. Our goal is to achieve the best profitability of the invested funds. We are proud to be able to report yields of 60 to 120% of the average equity capital employed for our reference projects.

Last but not least, the marketing, be it the initial letting or the sale of the units created, is carried out in all facets by us and with the involvement of the best specialists where necessary.